Day Excursion to London 04/10/18


We have been summoned to attend court in the magnificent

London County Hall….

 Thursday 4th October 2018 

Whole day excursion to London to attend

Agatha Christie’s

 Witness for the Prosecution

London County Hall 2.30pm 

This acclaimed production of Agatha Christie’s classic courtroom play was recognised at this year’s Olivier Awards with a nomination for best revival.  I  think it will be a great experience to sit in the actual courtroom to watch the drama unfold before us.

Step inside the magnificent surroundings of London County Hall and experience the and drama of this gripping story of justice, passion and betrayal in a unique courtroom staging that places the audience in the thick of the action.

Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. The stakes are high – will Leonard survive the shocking witness testimony, will he be able to convince the jury, and us, of his innocence and escape the hangman’s noose?

See you in court!

***** Criminally good” – Daily Mail   **** “ A palatial interior fit for the Queen of Crime” - Daily Telegraph

Designed by architect Ralph Knott, County Hall was officially opened by King George V and Queen Mary on 17 July 1922 after construction began prior to the First World War in 1911.

For 64 years, County Hall served as the headquarters of local government for London, initially the London County Council and later the Greater London Council.

The octagonal Council Chamber sits at the centre of County Hall, and provided seating for over 200 council members and four galleries overlooking the Chamber for the public and members of the press.

Excursion Price  £80.50

Price includes: coach travel throughout; coffee and biscuits en-route, theatre ticket, coach driver’s gratuity, courier services

Lunch: Recently, I have struggled to find lunch venues willing to take group bookings and some of our old favourites are not what they used to be.  The Southbank is such an interesting area and there are plenty of places to find something to eat so I will not book a group lunch on this occasion but leave the time free for people to explore the area and find lunch.  There are many restaurants and cafes in this area so we will be spoilt for choice. I will advise more on the day
Anyone who is on their
own is very welcome to join me [& others also on their own] for lunch in one of the nearby eateries.  


8.00am Sandwich Railway Station                                        
8.08am Sholden Church                                                         
8.13am  Deal Fire Station Bus Stop                                       
8.15am Deal South Street                                                      
8.20am Walmer – opposite butcher’s shop
8.40am Dover – St Paul’s Catholic Church, Maison Dieu Rd
9.00am Folkestone outside Bus Station
9.05am Folkestone bus stop opposite Trinity Church
9.10am Seabrook bus stop opposite Fountain Pub                      
9.15am Hythe Red Lion Square bus stop
9.45am  Great Danes Hotel, near Maidstone  [coffee stop]




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